Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashion Roulette-Phoenix

I haven't done a fashion roulette post in such a while for two reasons.

1. I have no idea how to take photos. I can do pictures with other people, but when its just me as the "subject" I have no idea what to do. Do I smile? How do I do the Tyra Banks "smile with the eyes"? Where should my hands go? Should I pose or be natural? Ahhh!!! I had my sister try and take pictures of me Sunday and she told me to hunch my shoulders and put my hand on my hip and this is what happened.

She just turned the camera off after that....I'm going to keep practicing. 

2. If I try to do a post with Phoenix and his outfit its a major challenge to take the photo before M&M chocolate from his YaYa stains his shirt.

But I did manage to snag a few shots of him Sunday.

So without further ado.

Fashion Roulette- Phoenix Edition

A girly girl I am all the way to the bone. I love pink, lace, flowers and fashion. So obviously when I got pregnant I hoped for a little girl to basically play dress up with. But I didn't end up with a girl, I ended up with a boy. At first I was like "well there goes all the fun clothes" until it hit me that just because he was a boy didn't mean he was resigned to rompers with fire trucks and baseballs on them

Jeans and tennis shoes it might be, but its going to be fun.

And that's what I look for when I shop for Phoenix.

What looks cool? Ok so they paired that top oops I mean shirt (boys don't call them "tops") with those pants. But what if we put that shirt with these pants and added a tie or suspenders or cuffed the pants?

Here's what Phoenix wore on Sunday.

1. Black and gray striped cardigan from Nordstrom Rack

2. Snoopy t-shirt that reads "Hello. My name is Joe Cool. I'm only here for the babes" also from Nordstrom rack

3. Distressed jeans from H&M

4. Marvel comic spider man belt from H&M

5. Black suede Polo high-tops from Nordstrom Rack

When shopping for boys think "grown-up" and cool looking. Not babyish and get creative. I can't say that enough. My husband often says to me "Man! I wish I could dress like Phoenix!"

Just think outside the box.

You'll notice that there are chocolate stains on his shirt and he was sleeping in some of these. Good thing he isn't a model.


  1. OMG! So cute! U have a beautiful baby

  2. These photos are too cute!!! Love your first picture too!! XO

  3. REALLY cute outfit Phoenix has on; he is ONE COOL DUDE! Teehee. (Seriously)


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