Monday, March 29, 2010

HP you suck!

I can't believe what I am typing again at this moment. But I currently have a laptop that is on the fritz again. Remember when I lost her back in October? Well last night after watching Precious and The Time Travelers Wife with my fam I bring my computer up to make my nightly rounds (Google Reader, Facebook, Etsy/Vintage shopping, the usual) and my computer screen starts flickering! And these weird lines started appearing. I quickly hit the power button and it comes up again and does the same thing.

At this point my heart is in my throat and I am so afraid that its died on me again. I turn it back on and the screen is still blank.

I frantically run into my parents bedroom (if your new to the blog, no I'm not some teenage mom living with my parents. Grab the deets here...but wait did I just say deets?) for my Dad to check it out and nothing happens.

I go to bed with a heavy heart and many many prayers to God that in the morning He will turn my sorrow into joy.

And the sun comes up.....

and nothing!

Best Buy offered me the same shame deal to ship it off for two weeks and I told them they could shove their Geeks and squads where the sun don't shine! I head over to another repair shop where they explain that HP could do one of two things. Make me use my warranty (ok fine) but who knows how long I'll be without "her". Ok, I've got some dollars, I'll pay the repair charges myself. Well that was looking at about $400-$600 BEFORE labor. 

Are you kidding me? I can get a brand new computer for that cost! Luckily the lady was nice enough to explain that my best bet was to deal with HP directly, come home and hook up to another monitor and back up everything and hope HP can work their magic and have "her" back to me by Monday.

Currently I am running Carbonite to back everything up and I will be putting a call into HP shortly.

Luckily I'm at my parents and they have no shortages of computers so I won't be dead for two weeks.

But I will say this. When this deal closes, I will be buying a MAC.


  1. oh my gosh!!! The whole warranty thing with electronics is crazy! I had the same issue with an expensive dvd player. Every time I'd send it back to them to fix, they would send it back messed up with another problem! I hope you get your computer fixed right on your terms :O) Definitely try a MAC, I hear they are great :O)
    Take care,

  2. You poor thing! All these giant companies just love to rip people off, don't they? I'll be thinking about ya, and hopefully it'll all work out very soon!

  3. Cute Blog. Stopping by to say hi and thanks for visiting Trendy Treehouse. I grabbed your button and am following too! Have a great Easter!


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