Friday, March 19, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencil- Conan O'Brien Tshirt

Is anyone else as excited as I am over the crazy beautiful weather right now? Mmmmmmmm......It's gorgeous!

We're taking Phoenix to the zoo today to spend some time together before Daddy hops on a plan to LA for 3 weeks. Daddy has tickets to the Kids Choice Awards so he has explicit instructions that if he runs into the one and only ORIGINAL Justin (Justin Bieber YOU wish!) he is to call me PRONTO!

But first I wanted to show you what I made yesterday.

Hopefully last month you stopped by MADE to score some great tutorials on all things BOY. This has become one of my favorite blogs!

Dana came up with this adorable Conan O'Brien tshirt and I wanted to make it for Phoenix. I had to explain to my Dad and siblings why it was Phoenix needed a Conan shirt.

The reason? Well although I am on Conan's side in this whole Jay/NBC/Conan debacle I honestly don't watch his show (or any late night) but I like putting Phoenix in relevant pop-culture stuff. It makes me think other parents are like "Cool his parents must ROCK!" (or be 22). I'm pretty lame huh?

So he needed a Conan shirt.

I followed the tutorial Dana had posted here and here.

After TWO hours of cutting the stencil out I was finally able to get this.

And after over night drying

this is what I ended up with.

I'm a little torn because

A. I'm wondering if Conan looks a bit like Hitler? That would NOT be cool to put my 19 1/2 mth old in a Hitler shirt


B. I'm wondering if the words are so messed up that you can't read it and it looks messy?

Not to mention the paint I smeared.

My 10 & 8 year old sisters say he should wear it and Shawn says its art and doesn't need to be perfect. But I think he's just saying that because he doesn't want me to beat myself up to much and stop crafting all together.

But I learned with my first project that crafting takes patience and PRACTICE. 

What do you think? Should I use the shirt as a rag or let him wear it?


  1. I made the shirt too (Dana has it on her latest boy round up...I guess I was the first to try it). That was the hardest stencil I have ever cut! So many tiny pieces! I think I will enlarge it next time to make it bigger and easier to cut.

    I looks like the stencil didn't stick well or maybe the paint was too thin and bled under the stencil. That has happened to me before.


  2. Conan does look a bit like Hitler, but it's still cute! LOL I would let him wear it. :)

    I've left a couple "blog awards" for you on my blog....stop on over and snag them up! :) Love your blog.

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)


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