Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waying in on Mom bloggers

How did my New York Times obsessed husband miss this little gem about mommy blogging?

Go on and read the article and this one here too and then come back and read my thoughts on it.

I'll give you a few moments

(Ha! I wasn't trying to be obscene, but that kinda looks like a boob huh?)

Like I said I have no idea how Shawn missed this one considering he is on the NY times website But nevertheless he did....Men always seem to miss the important things huh?

But here's my two cents.....I can't necessarily tell if the journalist is coming from the angle of "bad mommy bloggers" or "bad mommy bloggers that sacrifice writing for reviews and free things". I'm going to assume it's the later considering Ms. Jennifer Mendelsohn is a "mommy blogger" herself.

But I'm going to have to take the {probably) unpopular road and agree with her. 

What "Mom" blogger doesn't think sometimes that it would be great to turn her little rants & recipes into something huge like Dooce or Pioneer Woman? I think that. But I can't get behind the ones that seem to sacrifice good writing, humorous stories, and beautiful pictures for sponsored reviews, giveaways, coupons, and free cleaning products all for numbers.

It seems that when you Google "Get more blog exposure/readers" the results come back and its a bunch of SEO things I don't understand or tips designed to leave insincere comments on blogs in hopes people will bite and hop on over to your Wordpress or Blogger site.

Maybe I'm bitter that I had planned on attending this particular conference thus I could have been interviewed had my blog listed, driven ridiculous amounts of traffic to my blog and been able to make six-figures, get an HGTV show and written a book-had I not forgotten. 

But I digress.I'm not bitter....really I'm not (AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Like me! Like me! Like me!) ok seriously kidding.

But I think that if we could go back to the dark ages maybe "mom" bloggers wouldn't get such a bad rap? 

In a nut-shell, lets stop being so commercial for crying out loud! Not knocking blog conferences or networks. I belong to a few, but I will never sacrifice my content to get some free garb or have 28,000 views a day. 

But I can say I have been guilty (more than a time or two) of putting dinner on hold, changing a dirty diaper late (and you know its late because the poop is totally like concrete on their butt), or leaving the laundry for days to finish posting or reading blogs. 

But hey, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't have a life too.

Now where's my kid again? 

Oh there he is....walking into traffic. Guess I better go.


  1. I couldn't agree more..

    ~Ida Mae

  2. I agree - I don't like the blogs I can barely make out the articles from the ads. If I wanted a lot of ads and product placement, I just go to a magazine website. The crusted poop part made me laugh (totally done that too). I'd never seen Dooce before...again, not my style.

  3. To me it sounded like he was coming from "bad mommy blogging" as in... it's bad for us to do this instead of serve our kids hand and foot all day long. but that's just me.

    and thank you for visiting my blog :D

  4. Agreed! You said it perfectly. I love that last part too, hehe. :)

  5. It all boils down to priorities and recognizing that you don't actually "live online". I have wondered myself what it might be like if I had a ginormous monster of a blog bringing home the bacon while I sit on my bottom all day long, my sweet Benjamin sitting at my feet.

    Not that that particular scenario is true for every {or any} blogger who brings in money through his or her blog.

    If they in fact ARE doing that, then they should reevaluate their priorities!

    Anyway, I think you're on to something here!

  6. Completely agree! So so so much....I just so agree...did I say I agree? Thanks for saying it. When I look for blogs to read, I am looking to read NOT to be sold something. I don't mind mom businesses...LOVE them. I don't mind reviews...I do some myself. There's a different kind of mom blogger out there that only sees free products and dollar signs and lacks content.

  7. don't know where youfind the time you must get up early. Lovely photos like your blog. Roland

  8. Guilty!!!
    I agree completely. However, I am guilty...
    I started just posting about educational activities and family fun, but have started doing reviews and giveaways. I have dreamed of maybe one day actually being a mom blogger that does earn some $ with it. Is it still possible?

    Fun Playroom

  9. Sacrificing your content will never get you 28,000 page views a day. Not for all the SEO juice in the world.

    Keep doing what you're doing mama. It looks pretty darn nice from where I'm sitting.


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