Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I've now gone and lost my marbles.

My husband thinks I'm crazy for what I'm about to do, but what else is new right?

I have fallen in love with the home around the corner to me. I live in Frederick, MD which (no offense neighbors) can be a bit redneck...but in the redneckness (not a word right?) it's (in my opinion) a lovely hidden gem in Western Maryland.

The houses are not your standard cookie cutter homes you see in new developments. No offense to those who live in those, I actually happen to really like them, AND I live one!

However, there is just something to be said about old Victorians and intriguing brick homes I find myself driving by all the time.

One in particular has caught my eye and I can't look away. I think it would be strange to take a picture of someone else's home and post it. So go with me for a moment while I describe it.

It's a brick home,with green columns, shutters and trim....Oh gosh...this doesn't mean anything to you does it?

Well it's pretty awesome in my eyes, Mabe I'll draw a picture...seriously...tomorrow maybe. I pass it every single time I head to the market or Walmart and every time I do I just covet this house!

I mentioned in a post last week about how Shawn and I have moved a lot and plan on making this home, home for at least 2 years. But everytime I pass this house I find myself wishing and hoping that it was mine.

I said to Shawn Sunday that if I ever saw a for sale sign or rent sign out front that I didn't care what was left on our lease that we would be moving! He of course said no, but I don't care!

Today we passed it again and I felt the familiar longing and repeated my statement. And I jokingly said "I should just go ask them of they want to move...." to which he responded "You know I have heard stories of people who just knock on doors and ask homeowners to sell their house."

Which gave me this idea to write the homeowners (I know I sound crazy don't I?!?) and just let it be known if they ever wanted a change, that I was available....

Shawn thinks I'm crazy, but he did say he would hand deliver it.

Here's my letter:

Dear Neighbor(s), September 2, 2009

I’m a new transport here to Frederick and although I’m not a “world traveler” by any means I have lived in a lot of different areas around Maryland & Virginia and can say with certainty that Frederick feels like home.

My last home was in Ellicott City and yes it had its beautiful “mini mansions” and new communities with the pools, tennis courts and gyms. It lacked something that I have found here in Frederick; history, character, and natural beauty.

I enjoy driving around the area and looking at the mountains and beautiful country scenery. I enjoy the houses that you can look at and know there is a great story within those walls.

One of my favorite houses to drive by is yours.

Every single time I do I point to it and say to my husband. “I want that”.

I said to my husband the other day that if you ever put a for rent sign or for sale sign outside we’d break our current lease and be ready to move into it in a flash!

I’m pretty sure that by now you are wondering who this weird Frederick resident is and why I am bothering you kind people.

Well, I wanted to first tell you what a beautiful home you have. I of course have never seen the inside, but I’m love with it even still because the outside has captivated me.

I also am writing you to let you know that if you ever decided to rent or sell your home you have a very willing and qualified tenant around the corner from you (with no pets might I add!). I imagine you are very settled and comfortable in your home so I don’t think a move is on your mind….But just in case.

I’m sure by now you think I am crazy, maybe I am, but you do have a beautiful home.

In the off chance you do want a change you can write me at:


I hope you enjoy your beautiful home for many more years!

-Actually my husband say’s I should change this line to “I hope I enjoy your beautiful home for many years!”

God bless!


Alexandria Campbell

You think I'm nuts now don't you?

GREAT! The 5 readers I have all decided to stop reading....When will I learn?
::taps finger on head::

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  1. just thought to give you some hope...
    my husband has adored this house down the street from us. one day he stopped and they took him on a tour of the house! then they put him on a LIST... yes a list of all the people they had to call before putting it on the market (hey the owner wants to save $ too!) unfortunately the call came like last week and we are not in a position to buy. but it does happen!!!


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