Thursday, September 24, 2009

The War

I am declaring WAR today on the friggin ants that seem determined to ruin my life!

There are two types of bugs that make me lose my natural mind. Flies and ants. Their presence sends me spinning!

When we came to look at the house I saw dead ones in the master bathroom and that was {almost} enough to make me look else where.

But I was won over and I stipulated that I wanted an exterminator to come out...

Well it seems like we got played for dummy's because I am still fighting these demons.

When we had the dog I noticed them a lot but then when we bid her adieu (and yes we changed her name. You can find that post here.) they seemed to go with her.

But not so fast Alex. They just snuck upstairs to the master bathroom ?!?! What would ants want in my bathroom? Drinking water is the answer I seem to be finding online.

But a few weeks ago it seemed that finally I would get a few months of peace because Shawn said it was getting colder and that they would disappear, and they did!

Not so fast Alex! Monday morning I come down to the ant parade in my kitchen!

And again this morning an ant parade in my kitchen! On my counters, in my cupcakes, up the side of the island, EVERYWHERE!

I was screaming, Phoenix was screaming, the phone was ringing, Imagination Movers were singing and the ants were dancing!

Why God?! Why have you forsaken me!

So I did my research online and it gave me some home remedies to try. Because just in case you're wondering, the ant trappers... DO NOT WORK!

I don't love to clean, in fact I don't even like it. But I like living in cleanliness more, so I begrudgingly clean. 

It's not perfect, but it'll suffice and {most} days I wouldn't be to embarrassed when you show up at my house. I don't leave dishes in the sink for more then a few hours in between breakfast and nap time. I don't leave open containers of food.

But the one thing that always gets neglected is the floors. Hardwood floors are &?!#@ to clean. Add in a toddler who walks around with food. A husband who spills cereal when he's trying to sneak it before dinner. And an intermediately  skilled chef who chops and dices without any regards to the flying onions.

And there you have a feast built for the Queen Ant. 

So I dragged myself to the store and bought caulk to close up where they are coming from and a Swiffer Wet Jet (because who doesn't hate the mop and bucket ordeal, right?). Hopefully if I become real anal about the floors and counters the ants might go bother the neighbors (which my sneaky suspension is they are coming from them!)

And top it all off, these sneaky SOB's showed up yesterday too.

Sorry I'm cussing, but I really HATE ants!!!!!



  1. Cayenne pepper always works really well for us. They hate the stuff.

    Good luck!

  2. What do you do with that? Sprinkle it around the area they are coming in?

  3. I feel your pain! My youngest was eating ice cream outside yesterday...dripped it all over the back porch...ants were EVERYWHERE today! I am pretty sure I have the largest ant colony known to man under my back yard!

  4. We had ants too, but the traps worked. We also just got rid of our dog and I plan on reading your post about that! Thanks for following, I will try not to stalk and leave frequent comments when I have something worth saying! ;)

  5. Ugh I hate ants too! I tried those black good. So, I've just been anal about keeping the floor swept. I seem to be okay if I don't have crumbs...good luck, nasty little creatures!
    Thanks for stoppin' by, love your blog header :)

  6. I am currently battling the pantry moth invasion. This must be "hatching season". Moths every where. They come out in the evening when my patience are the thinnest, which is poor planning on their part. I have the vacuum cleaner out at all times, ready to suck them to their deaths! Ask me how much food I've thrown out this week!! God those things are gross!

  7. I totally understand hating ants. I've got them too and it drives me crazy!

  8. I hate them and all their friends!!

    Visiting and following from MBC!

  9. I hate ants too, they make me nuts, but we don't have too many in WA, I'm used to Texas where they eat me alive

  10. I agree, I can't stand ants either, but I think I hate flies more!

    FYI - I've read that if you sprinkle Splenda on the ground where the ants are, it will kill them. Tells you something about the product as well, but that's another topic! :D

  11. I'm from your neck of the woods, and we've recently had an ant invasion, too. Try sprinkling paprika on the counter. I think it makes them sneeze, and they run away! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  12. eeew.. stinky bugs AND ants? yikers.. not fun!
    we have had an invasion of crickets this year hopping everywhere. hundreds hide in the backyard and a few sneak inside...that so isn't fun either

  13. oh... and btw...
    "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

    have a fabulous day!!!!!!!


  14. I can so understand your pain! The ants seem to have taken over my house upstairs and down. Those little suckers are quick too. My husband had the outside of the house sprayed and that worked for about a month but I guess it's time to spray again because they are back!

  15. Thank you all for the tips!

    I just got down caulkinG,sweeping, mopping (wow my floors were GROSS!!!!.

    And already I don't see any. So we'll so how it goes!


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