Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How NOT to wash clothes Shawn

I've mentioned a few times that I don't enjoy when my husband cleans my house right?

I even mentioned just a few weeks ago that I was really going to start trying to give up some of my control and let him help me out.

But as of last night, that is all out the window.

My husband has always been famous for leaving things in his pockets. So when you wash the clothes ink pen gets everywhere!

He's also known for getting brand new clothes on Saturday and spilling sauce down it Tuesday or getting some type of hole in it Thursday or splattering gas or grease everywhere Friday.

At our last shopping trip for him I said "You mess any of these clothes up, you are shopping at the Goodwill and NOT for furniture!"

Well I'll have you know that yesterday morning I gathered a basket of clothes and various things from upstairs that belonged downstairs. Wall spackle, plates, pens, and cups. You know the random things from your "bedroom kitchen".

So I say to Shawn "Hey throw in this load of laundry, BUT DO NOT WASH THE TOWELS WITH THE CLOTHES"

5 minutes later I go downstairs and he's washing the towels with the clothes. Ok. Not a super biggie. But then I go down that night to finally transfer to the dryer and inside the dryer is the tub of SPACKLE!? 

All I could say was "Oh my God, Oh my God!"

I know, I know it's partly my fault because I should have checked the basket first, hell I should have done the laundry myself!

But doesn't everyone kind of put the clothes in the wash while checking pockets,etc for the random spill over?

Luckily if you wash the clothes right away before the spackle dries it will come out!

But Shawn is now completely and forever banned from the laundry room.


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  1. I say if he ruins a whole load, you get to buy a new wardrobe. ;) Happy shopping!


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