Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Picture Overload

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I love it now that its Spring and I literally can not wait to get outside. Even if its just to grab the runaway George before nap time.

It's lovely outside. Sadly my springtime partner is still gone and I woke up this morning (A little annoyed at him. Hey! You would be too if your husband decided to Twitter before calling you after a 7.9 Earthquake in Cali!) happy that the countdown had now moved to 4 days until he got home.

But after talking to him I find out he'll be staying an extra 4 days. I should be really glad because its good news. And I am glad, but I miss him and I'm bored and I want to go to DC and hold hands and look at cherry blossoms.

And I hate sleeping alone. Phoenix is a nice substitute but the whole thing of him kicking me and hitting me in his sleep (and rolling off the bed once) is getting old. And although I love watching all my Gossip Girls and 90210's uninterrupted I have a lot of LOST and Nurse Jackie's that are waiting to be watched with my friend.

So I'm a little sad.

But I did have a nice Easter yesterday. I took Phoenix and my niece Penelope outside to take some pictures because my soul wasn't ready to go back inside yet.

I wasn't completly sure what to put into the kids baskets so I just grabbed a bunch of cute stuff.

Free Willy on DVD-one of my favorites when I was little, plus I thought he would enjoy a "live action" Nemo. He didn't.
"Nemo" toy"Hanny" Manny toy phone
And frog cup and snack container
Plates (you can always use more dishes right?)

Ladybug bath mitt and bath pouf
Ladybug cup and plates
Pig snack container (clearly out of ladybugs)
Baby doll

And get this. Can you believe Phoenix's outfit was from dun, dun, dun....KMART?! Zionks! When it comes to clothing from "variety stores" (That's what Hanny Manny called them in a recent episode) I'm strictly a Target girl (although the Miley line at Wal-mart has helped them) but I needed to pick up some stuff (definition-I really wanted to buy stuff and Kmart was the closest store. My husband really shouldn't go out of town and leave me in charge of the cards. I think I've had a package delivered every day he's been gone. And if you asked me what I bought I couldn't really tell you.) and there was those cute shorts and button down shirt. Score.

Also have you had a chance to catch me on YouTube? I'd love if you could for a minute and let me know what you think.

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