Monday, May 17, 2010

Re-fashioned D-List Blog Party

I wanted to participate in the D-Listed Blog party and I hope its not in bad form to re-fashion my Ultimate Blog party post (originally found here.) if it is feel free to order me this here book

So let's see where to all started long ago in Baltimore, MD my mother and father  wait you didn't want all that information did you?

I'm Alex and I am the loud, crazy, energetic, and attitude prone Mama to my 20 month old loud, crazy, energetic, and attitude prone son Phoenix.

I am a young mom (22) and I understand that most people might think that I'm leaving my baby home alone while I party and pouring Pepsi into the sippy cup and only changing a diaper when the sag is so low it hits the floor.

But in fact the opposite is true! I don't leave my baby home when I go party...I just bring him with me. And Pepsi? That's for chumps! My toddler gets straight Mikes Hard Lemonade (but the light kind because he's on a diet). And I only change a diaper when I know the social worker is on her way. We save money that way.

But in all honesty I take a very laid back (ok well I try) view on mommying and even mommy blogging. I have an ability to be able to describe to you in such vivid detail about a fight with my husband over burgers that makes you want to run for the hills!

My husband is a great guy who happens to be like a billion light years older then me, but who cares? He's still sexy and young. Right now he's in LA working in a recording studio 16 hours a day making his dreams come true and mine as well (ya know the kind filled with Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs. Those dreams). He's a Grammy nominated music producer and I expect our life is getting ready to go on a fast and crazy ride!

I'm completely
 transparent and honest when it comes to this. I want to put out my mistakes and learn from others and offer up any little nuggets of wisdom I can.

Throw in some adorable pictures of my feisty red head tot, delicious recipeshot pictures of my husband, and fantastic shoes and you've got yourself a blog! Oh yeah and a controversial post every now and again to keep it interesting.

Hopefully you like what you see and if you do please become a follower or leave comments. I also have a button if you want and you can follow me on Twitter (@alexcampbell11) too!

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  1. We have the same Curious George monkey. We see it EVERYWHERE! ;)

    New follower here from D-List!!

  2. Annnd you are HILARIOUS. I love the "we only change the diaper when the social worker is on their way"


    Thanks for partying with me! You rock!

  3. visiting from Boutique on Feet. What a great blog!!

  4. Heya! Following from Boutique on Feet's Link Love discussion. This is seriously a great blog! Thanks for sharing your link! :)

  5. Following from D-List! Looking forward to reading more! Love the tie :)

  6. Thanks all for stopping by! Headed over to visit you now :-)

  7. Thanks for the blog visit. I'm terribly late making my d-list blog rounds, but better late than never, right?!? You little guy is a cutie. Me thinks he will be a heartbreaker before you know it. Also? Love your blog title.


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