Monday, May 18, 2009

Frazzled Mom

Yesterday I was Frazzled Mom in the Safeway. Shawn offered to keep him while I did the weekly shopping, but I actually enjoy taking him. Makes me feel all mom and wifey and grown up. When I was like 14 I used to be so scared I wouldn't know how to grocery shop or PUSH a cart because I was so short I couldn't see over it. I still am short and barely see over it, but I push the cart with confidence now. Anyway, I like taking him and Shawn had work to do. When we get there it started off pretty well him growling at me, me growling back like normal. Then he decides he wants my pen. I say no he doesn't cry he screeches! Then the rest of the trip he's screeching, throwing the paci, turning around in the seat! It was a mess! I finally take him out, throw him on my hip and then I have to load stuff onto the grocery belt thing and he's still screeching pulling things off the belt. Safeway workers are helping me get groceries out of the cart. He's dropping my credit cards. It was an utter mess. I don't want to become that mom who can't grocery shop with her kids or get anything done. Or the mom that is stressed 24/7. Basically I don't to be Kate Gosselin. I think where I messed up today was he hadn't had a nap all day so that's why he was so cranky. So mental note to self. 'Always make sure Phoenix is well rested before venturing out shopping'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silent Sunday


I'm very sad at the moment. Our little puppy dog Charlotte has found a new family. We have been trying for months to get the hang of this dog thing and it just wasn't jellin' with us the way we liked. Shawn and I both like dogs, but aren't in love with dogs or animals. I don't see those SPCA commercials and cry or anything, but I'm also not like Mike Vick. So we took on more then we could handle I think. Phoenix seemed to enjoy her, but every once and awhile Charlotte would do something to him, Phoenix would bust out crying and Charlotte would take off in the other direction. I think that if Phoenix and any other children to come decide they want a dog and really, really will take care of it maybe we will revisit it, but for now it was just hard giving her the love and attention she really deserved. Her new family just left with her and actually started crying real sobbing tears. I feel guilty and like we betrayed her or something, but I know in my heart it was the right thing to do.

So goodbye sweet, sweet Charlotte girl. You will be missed, but surely loved in your new home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Milestone video

Caught him coming down the steps the other day, so I grabbed this video the next time he did it. Note how proud he seems! Then today he went up the steps again, but fell back and tried to comfort him and he pushed off my lap and got back on the step and turned right around to come down again. I believe his personal life motto must be "If at first you don't succeed..."


Redirection, redirection, redirection. That is the key thing here these days. Always redirecting him away from the TV. That's his new trick. Pulling himself up on the TV, banging on the screen and turning it off. And don't call CPS on me or anything. It's not able to fall on him because it's a big floor one. I think it's time to trade up from mountable flat screen. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting him away from the lamps he likes to pull off the table. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting him from pulling the vases down on him. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting his attention when all of his fish and sweet potatoes are gone. It's the constant little dance him and I do all day long. I don't want to put him or the entire house under complete lock and key. I want him to be able to learn what his boundaries are. Therefore we redirect, redirect, redirect.

I also forgot to mention last week we finally got his test results back from the GI and it turns out the little bug is a bit anemic. I'm so happy to finally have confirmation that there is nothing wrong with him at all. And he is growing like a weed! He is getting so big I can hardly believe me eyes. He's still not rolly polly obese baby, but you can certainly see him thickening up. This, makes me happy :-)

Daddy's Boy

I am afraid my little baby doesn't like me much anymore. Phoenix is becoming a Daddy's Boy completely. Shawn wakes up earlier then I do so when Phoenix wakes, Shawn is usually the one to get him. It used to be when Shawn brought him into me he would literally jump out of Shawn's arms to get to me, now he comes and gets all shy and smiley around me but all while holding onto Shawn. It makes me sad. When Shawn comes upstairs from his studio, Phoenix tries to jump out of my arms for him. And if I try to go take him from Shawn he turns away from me or starts pushing me away...Let's also not forget that Phoenix hits me, and only me. And although he does say Mama occasionally Dada gets the most play here in the Finzilla residence. He's always loved his Daddy and has always been very happy to see his Daddy, but since I stopped nursing it's increased. Shawn says not to worry it's only a phase, and I'm sure it is but it makes me sad...

Like just now Daddy just came up for a visit and what does Phoenix do? Make a beeline for him and start pulling himself up by holding onto Shawn's pants and now he's saying "Dada, yeah, Dada, yeah, Dada"

What about "Yeah Mama" I mean I was the one who was in labor for 21 hours without any medication, I was the one who had that had PUPPS so bad at the end I often wanted to take a knife to my skin and just cut it off, but do I get any love? Noooooooooooooo
WAAAAAAAAAA My baby has left me!

and P.s. just in case you are wondering, no my PUPPS did not look as bad as that lady in the picture.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Low Klass Baby Gear

Saturday while out shopping we walked past Spencers and I was completely appalled at the baby items they had available.

What kind of parent buys things like this for their child to wear. I think it's completely disgusting and immature. I try my very best not to judge other mothers/parents. We are hard enough on ourselves without the added pressure of strangers opinions. But if I saw someone's child wearing something like this I would judge in a heartbeat. Immature, low klass, disturbing, and obscene. I'm guessing this is the store where teenage parents shop???

Monday, May 11, 2009

mothers day recap

happy belated mothers day to all the moms who read the blog! i was so lucky yesterday to be able to spend the day with my little baby bear, husband and my mom, grandma, sister, and the rest of my clan. i got a diamond bangle and diamond earring and i also got this but it takes 4 weeks to come in and i'm not entirely sure what phrase i want to put on it. phoenix also gave me one of those recordable cards, shawn said he worked with him all morning to get him to say mama but the closest i got was a couple ba ba and a few da's thrown in! but nevertheless it was soo sweet and after i opened it and gave him a big kiss he started grinning from ear to ear! it was so sweet! he is getting better with saying "ma" and "mama". "da" and "dada" are still the common words heard around hear but we're still practicing. he even has started to say "hi" and something close to "bye" as well. i love hearing him talk. i could listen for hours.

we've also "sorta" finished his room. the major mural and wall painting has been done for a few weeks now, but there are still a few things that need to be added to completely finish it, besides, my stupid camera broke last week so i need to get a new one.

saturday we went shopping and walked past a store that had the most disgusting baby gear. blog about that later.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So she Tweets

**UPDATED- New Twitter name**

A world of such narcissistic people. That's what we are. So we have Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter (Am I missing anything. I hope not!). Thinking any and everyone wants to know our every move and hiccup. Whelp, I broke down and did something I thought I would never do.

I got a Twitter. Now I feel slightly sad because I have no followers.

So please follow me on Twitter so I can fill be narcissistic cup.


Thanks Much.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update: STFU Blog

Last night I posted the STFU blog link and I was trying to find my favorite post but couldn't well I found it just now...*Warning. Not Safe For Work!*


Was that the craziest thing you have ever seen? Like did she not realize? When I saw this I could not stop laughing, but then I wonder if someone else posted it for her not realizing. I had an embarrassing moment like this after I had Phoenix. My Dad was at the hospital in the waiting room and after Phoenix made is grand entrance the camera was given to my Dad and he was on "alerting the family" duty....well....I found out later from my UNCLES no less that my Dad had actually sent out one of the pictures where you can see my OB stitching me up! It wasn't a full on picture, but it was a shot of me and Phoenix but had a little edge of my leg still in the stirrups and all of my OB's accouterments to do her sewing. I was mortified! But luckily it wasn't on Facebook.

Happy Mothers Day Love Phoenix

On Monday I told Phoenix all I wanted for Mother's Day was for him to say Momma. For weeks now all I hear all day is "Da", "Dada" and most recently "Da-Deeeee" No Momma :-(
But as soon as I told him Monday night he started bouncing up and down in Shawn's arms and jumped for me and goes 'Ma!' and now every day since he gets closer and closer! Yay!

Again sorry for the grainy cell phone video. I have a RCA Small Wonders video camera that we got when we switched TV and Internet providers, but the vid's are in AVI form and I can't view them on my computer, but can view them on Blogger. Weird. And so because of this glitch I get annoyed by it and don't use it....PLUS I loaned it to my sister yesterday when they went to get their ultrasound done and it's a GIRL! Yay!!

Blog to read

It's 12:42 AM on Wednesday, I'm sitting down in my husband's studio waiting for my turn to come up again to records some stuff, and I remembered that awhile ago I stumbled upon another blog out here in the blogsphere and they had some really funny links to some other blogs, that you must check out.

*Disclaimer: Not completely baby/mommy related, and may contain several dirty words so if reading dirty words makes you feel all squirmy inside, I suggest you not click. But for the rest of you heathens enjoy....**

STFU, Parents

This is by far the funniest of the three! I have to say I am guilty of just a few of these, but it's kind of liking watching The Soup. You don't realize the stupid stuff that is said and done on TV until someone else points it out. That's what STFU is. You are thinking everyone on your FB really cares to know your baby just pooped on your arm, or said his first words, or kicked you etc. It's exciting to some I'm sure but STFU points out that some people might not care.

Texts From Last Nights

Not Always Right/Funny Stupid

Enjoy.....Now I'm done and very sleepy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey lady! Ya got some poop on your arm!

Only a mommy can be caring her baby around the house for a good 5-10 minutes before she realizes there is poop all over her arm...

Yes...this happened TWICE this week!

Mike 'Phoenix' Tyson

I fear I may be one of those moms. You know the one. She's sitting in the restaurant trying to enjoy a meal with her family and talk with her husband and her child is screaming, banging on the table, crawling around all over his chair. The mom in the grocery store who has to keep taking stuff out of the cart, because her kids keep putting them in. The mom who is chasing her son through the Target, or bargaining with him to please get in the car. Or better yet the mom who is smacked in the face, kicked in the shin, or bitten by her lovely child while being watched by a crowd full of other moms. Yes, this will be me. A few weeks ago when going to get Phoenix's blood work for the GI (which still hasn't come back, what's up with that?) we are in the waiting room and he's bouncing up and down on my lap and he tries to go in my purse and I say no, and he smacks me in the face. There's like 5 people in the waiting room, so I kind of chuckle and say " No Phoenix, don't hit Momma". Well it didn't end there, ever since then whenever he doesn't get his way, we tell him no, we are slow with the food, he gets pissed! He's hitting and doing his shrill little screech. Banging on the high-chair. Just throwing out right tantrums...Geeze wonder where he got that from.
This is his mad face.

Of course I never want to be that mother who's kids are running all over top of her. That's not my style, so Shawn and I are trying to get this under control now, with firm "No's" and trying not to laugh or giggle when we say it, because he seriously looks so cute when he's mad. I can say that it's not fully working, but when we do say no (after several times) he will stop and just start talking angrily (you can totally hear in his voice that he's pissed). He is a very independent strong willed child. I fear we may be finding ourselves in for a world of trouble!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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