Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag

So talk to me about Blogging etiquette? If you see a great idea on someones blog are you allowed to use it? What if you don't use the idea but maybe call it something different?

Is that ok?

So many rules with all of this and I don't want to offend. 

I'm going to take a giant leap and do it anyhow.

Some blogs I read (maybe one or two) or doing kind of a Christmas list. Dang it that I didn't think of it first and now I want to do the same thing!

I'll call it "Santa's Snazzy Red Bag" starting December 1until Christmas Eve I'll showcase some of favorite things that should be on your Christmas list, your kids list, your husbands, and possibly stuff on my own.

Stay tuned.


Silent Sunday-Sickness sucks

We (the husband and I) feel like death. 

Tissue everywhere. 

Our baby has been with his YaYa since Thursday night.

Miss him terribly but don't want him catching this (again). 

Hope it's not Swine flu.

Library books and Theraflu.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


Bloggerazzi Blogger is Naomi at Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

Naomi de la Torre is a stay-at-home mom to two delightful boys, ages 2 and 5. She and her amazing and wonderful husband are recovering salsa dancing addicts, who now enjoy "controversial" parenting techniques like co-sleeping, homeschooling, extended-breastfeeding, etc. Naomi is writing a book called Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip: The Field Guide, for which her blog is a working model. She deeply appreciates her followers and uses their feedback to shape her writing.

Naomi's blog is meant to uplift and empower moms who are trying to do the very best for their children, but who can't always live up to being the perfect ├╝ber mom. It won't provide magic ruby slippers that will take you back to Kansas (before you had stretch marks, hemorrhoids and all your furniture was coated with applesauce and smashed peas). But it does offer companionship, humor, and even a few flying monkeys as we face each day with all the insanity, joys, and challenges that are inherent to motherhood.

How much TV a week do you let your kids watch?
Unfortunately, I've completely lost my morals when it comes to TV. Before I had kids I planned to have them on a strict diet of high quality, low-fat, gluten-free, commercial-free, educational programming. But then real life kicked in and I fell off the TV restriction wagon. Now my kids watch about 2 hours of TV a day and 80% of it is Sponge Bob.

Sex life better before kids or better now or about the same?
Sex life is definitely trickier now that we have kids. Our boys (ages 2 and 5) sleep with us, so we have to get creative. Not to mention my mom lives with us too ... so steamy sex in the middle of the living room is kind of out of the question. Bathroom and closet sex is extra spicy, though.

Do you have a regular date night with your husband?
We are very lucky because my fantastic sister-in-law and my loving mom regularly offer to babysit for us. We get to go to movies, dinner, and even salsa dancing on occasion (which is our absolute favorite).

Favorite household chore?
Is this a trick question?

Least favorite household chore?
Cleaning the toilet. And doing laundry. Yesterday my husband folded about 30 loads of clean laundry that I had skillfully piled into an artistic sculpture in our back bedroom--and which was threatening to take over that entire wing of the house.

Favorite family activity?
Just being together is the best. We like to go to museums, the zoo, the aquarium, the arboretum, parks, swimming pools, etc. We have passes to all the local kid joints around Dallas and try to hit up a couple of these places each week.

How much sleep do you honestly get at night?
I'm a sleep junkie and would love to get at least 8 or 9 hours a night. But, unfortunately, neither of my boys need much sleep. And on top of that, we co-sleep. Since my 2 year old is still nursing, my sleep is still pretty broken. But I love cuddling with my sweeties, all three of them, for at least 7-8 hours a night. Even if we do look like a pile of puppies in a big heap with heads and feet and elbows sticking out all over the place.

Come on admit it! You pick your kids' boogers right?
Yes, of course. And then I eat them.

 Kids' TV show that doesn't bore the heck outta ya?
I love iCarly and so do both of my boys. Who knows what my 2 year old gets out of this show???

H1N1 vaccine...are your kids getting it? If yes, do you feel enough research has been done? If no, why not?
I have not vaccinated my boys for H1N1, nor have they been vaccinated according to the standard American vaccines schedule. My husband and I have done extensive research on the risks of vaccinations, as well as having a friend whose son was injured by vaccines and became autistic. We are currently considering which vaccines we might want to give our older son, now that he is 5 and his immune system is better developed. If we do, they would be given in single dose vaccines without the preservative thimerasol.

If your interested in being featured for Bloggerazzi email me


Friday, November 27, 2009

It smells like Christmas spirit

Now that Thanksgiving is done and over. Albeit there is more turkey left. Which is good thing. 

But now more then ever I am so ready to get started on Christmas. 

Weird Alert: Christmas has always been my least favorite holiday. 

I can't quite explain it, but it just is.

But now that I am a mother, I am shaking inside with excitement of the music, the smells, the decorations, the bustle, the hustle. The wrapping paper, the love, and maybe, just maybe even some snow.

Last year we decorated the outside of the house for the first time and it was pretty weak looking back. 

I think it took us 5 or 6 trips to Walmart and Target to finish getting just this little amount of lights. Still wasn't enough.

I did of course put up a Christmas tree which I called the "Candy Tree" because it reminded me of, yup. Candy.

But this year I want to go all out with outside decorations and inside.

We're planning on doing the tree next weekend. I would actually like to go to a Christmas tree farm to cut it down ourself.

Seems like a fun family tradition to start.

My only concern is how do you keep a toddling toddler away from the tree?

 Click these links for a few examples of things I'm thinking of doing.

Better Homes & Garden- Indoor decorating 

Gumdrop wreath  (this will be perfect if I keep the same tree theme)

Outdoor basket


Outdoor wreath option

Window wreath

Carnation wreath

Outdoor wreath

Outdoor tree lighting

Outdoor lighting
Urn topper


Thursday, November 26, 2009

A perspectful Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving.The day we stuff our face with turkey, pies, rolls, and more turkey, pies and rolls.

The day we reflect on the blessings of the past year and give thanks for health,life and family.

I like most of you feel very thankful this year. But I also have been struggling the last few weeks of putting things in perspective.

To dwell on what I have instead of what I don't have. To dwell on the family I'm blessed with.

It's hard sometimes to keep things in perspective. One way to help that is to go see Precious

That will help you focus on how lucky we all are. 

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for

A baby that dances every time he hears music

A baby that can't help but raise his hands to heaven as soon as we pull into the church parking lot.

A husband who despite my difficult attitudes at times still manages to hang around with me.

A husband who works endless hours locked in a studio for a our future.

A husband who doesn't always quite listen or do things my exact way but still tries.

A baby who's smart far beyond his year.

A baby who has a mind of his own. "No! No more!"

A family who's always willing to babysit

A house to raise a family and make memories

A God who never ceases to amaze me.

A God who always seems to bless even when I don't feel I deserve it.

A God who has supernaturally stepped in and saved my marriage.

And a Pastor who offered great tips to help see that happen.

A mom who always gives her unbiased opinion no matter how much I don't want to hear it. And who even at 22 always seems to be right.

Homemade Apple Crisp

Best Buy Geek Squad




Real Simple Magazine

Chipotle. How can you not be thankful for fajita bowls?

Greek food

 Even after the turkey carcass is discarded and the football games over try and always stay thankful.

When those pesky thoughts creep be perspectful



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Chili

Ever since I was become domestic I've found myself trying foods I had never had a huge fondness for. 

The simplest thing being chili. But now I looove chili. But only mine. 

I made this a few weeks ago and wanted to post the recipe for you but as you know I was out for a bit.

Crock pot Turkey Chili

1 1/2 pounds of lean turkey (healthier then beef but could also use beef or chicken if you like)
1/2 cup of diced onion
1 can of corn
1 can kidney beans (undrained)
1 can pinto beans (undrained)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can crushed tomatoes 
Tomato paste (to thicken)
2 garlic cloves
1 1/2 cup diced celery 

Mexican chili powder (to taste)
Oregano (to taste)
Dash of cumin

Salt and pepper
1 Bay leaf

Olive oil

To serve:
Shredded cheese and sour cream. I eat mine with rice Shawn likes his with chips

 Enough olive oil to cover bottom of crock pot. Add garlic and brown meat. Then just add all other ingredients. It's super fast and easy. I let it cook in the crock pot all day. 

I hardly ever actually measure my seasonings so for the oregano, chili powder, salt & pepper do it to your liking. 

I don't like my chili to hot and neither does Shawn.

This is enough for 4. It's just two of us eating it so I usually have enough leftovers for a weeks worth of lunch.

This is in no way completely my own up recipe. It's comprised of lots of recipes I've tried and mixed things together until I liked it.


Weird & Wonderful Etsy Wednesday

(This dresser I really, really love and I'm thinking it will look fantastic in my bedroom. Thinking of doing it myself)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's in your bag?

 Do you Ohdeedoh? 

They had a fun little survey yesterday that I could not resist joining.

What's in my bag?

Coach Purse

Red notebook

Lip gloss

Change (just laying at the bottom of the bag)

Target receipt



Hair ties

Gerber fruit top

Motrin (just one)

H&M Umbrella

Pampers Bibster bibs

Baggie of wipes

Coupons (although I'll never use them because they're probably all expired)


Batteries (for camera)

Toys R Us coupons (Christmas shopping!)

Pirate Paci

Paci holder


Little orange bag- cosmetics

Toy keys

Barnum and Bailey Circus ticket (Go to their website and your baby can get one free)

Green sticky note

Usually my purse has way more crap then this. Cups,diapers, more pacis, headbands, etc.

What's in your bag? 

If you want to join this "What's in my bag" survey post the link to your blog in the comment section.

And no cheating! Don't remove embarrassing things before posting. 



Monday, November 23, 2009

Boys Will Be....

Phew! Finally everything is back to normal....well not quite. I get my laptop back on Tuesday and the adapter is still a bit wonky. This leaves me having to jiggle it to keep it charging the battery. 

Tuesday night it's officially dead. I order my free warranty one (gosh I'm so lazy because I should have ordered it 2 weeks ago) then Thursday guess what else dies? My phone charger!

Ugh! What is the deal? 
To my surprise my door bell rings Friday morning and its my favorite Fedex guy (When you shop online a lot you form friendships with the delivery folk) with my adapter! Yay!

Moving right along I have tons of post and things so lets get started....

Boys will be....

Stinky. Sticky. Sweaty. Loud. Boisterous. Energetic.

I absolutely love,love, LOVE my little Monkey Bear. I do. I wish you all could meet him because he is such a delight. He's sweet & and kind, funny, intelligent, silly. Sheer awesomeness in a diaper.

But he's a boy and he's loud and dirty. 

And for me, someone who is nothing close to a tomboy the dirt, dust, and bugs really gets under my fingernails (hahaha get it?)

Just the other day he disappeared as he often does and I call out for him and he comes running into the living room to hand me a stink bug.

I mean girls don't do that do they? They bring you daises and want to play baby dolls. 

Phoenix is happiest climbing on something. He thinks it terribly funny to "lock" us in the bathroom or when I say "Shh" he smiles that little grin and then shrieks!

And don't get me started on the clothes! I dress him very cute. Not like typical baby boy, grown-up, rocker baby.

Because he's such a boy I have to have separate clothes for him. Clothes mommy approves of and he can go in public in and clothes his YaYa can let him repaint her house in (aka Walmart things).

But sometimes no amount of chasing him around with wipes or bibs can eliminate the stains and dirt that seem to find their way to his bottom, shoes, and fingernails.

Take a couple Saturday's ago as an example. Shawn was outside cleaning the car out and Phoenix of course threw a huge fit to go out with him.

When I finally get out there he had M&M chocolate all around his mouth, dirt all over his shoes and pants. He was climbing through the dirt. Throwing my gourds around. It was a mess!

I decided to just embrace the moment and snap, snap, away.



Boys are really much different from girls. 
There's no pink or barbie dolls.

No tea parties and bracelets.

But there is this sweet boy who's fearless. I love that about him. I even love his little tantrums (shh don't tell him that). I love watching him being a boy, digging, climbing, jumping, yelling.

Have I ever mentioned that his favorite discovery is the trash can? And that he knows exactly which trash belongs to his snack or lunch? I mean how GROSS is that?

He'll dig in and come sauntering into the living room, licking and tasting with an expression of "And? Whatcha gonna do about??"

I need to figure out really quickly how to be a mom to a boy. To invest in cheap throw away clothes. Invest in some good tennis shoes (and I never, ever, ever, EVER wear tennis shoes) so I can chase this Mister around.

Boys will be...

Loyal. Loving. Sensitive. Caring. Protective.

Strong. Fearless. Respectful.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All better!

Yeah we're officially back in bizzness baby! Ok, well not super-officially. My motherboard is fixed, but my plug is still a problem. I get to get a free replacement so now I just have to very conservative with battery use and not jiggle the plug around much until it comes in.

Just got back from Best Buy picking up my little friend. I missed her terribly!

She feels comfortable, much like your favorite worn in sweater or sweat pants.

I have many,many, many,many blog post itching to get out in get into cyber-space.

I have dozens and dozens of cute adorable and yummy (yes yummy) pictures to post.

But I also have tons of work to catch up on (eww have I mentioned my job really sucks donkey balls?! I am seriously foreseeing a resignation letter very soon. But I just sent off a few firey emails so maybe a firing before I get chance to say "kiss my....")

Thanks for being patient and not leaving me!!!!!

Look forward to new post soon!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not healed yet :-(

Not having my laptop is making me feel like I'm walking around without my wedding ring or walking around without a diaper bag!

I just feel lost, confused, sad, and a bit lonely.

I can use Shawn's Mac but for starters its in his studio, which is in the basement. This requires me to drag a bunch of toys downstairs to entertain Phoenix, and yet with all the toys I lugged down he seems only interested in the 3 keyboards that are down here.

And at the price tag they come with, I'm not letting him bang on them.

And secondly, it feels weird. 

I hoping that my laptop will be back in this weekend. Shawn will be out of town. Phoenix will have his weekly sleepover at his Yaya and Papouli's house so this will leave me with tons of time to bang out all the post that have been running around in my head.

If not I'm stuck with Ugly Betty, Lifetime, and Moscota. And I've actually never stayed home when Shawn's out of town. I always pack up and go to my parents, but I'm thinking of staying this time.

But in the meantime, if you are new to my blog go back and read up from the last....(counting, counting, counting) 10 months.

I'm also thinking in honor of my blogs first birthday I want to host a giveaway. Maybe a few of my favorite things I've mentioned on the blog....?

Thoughts....??What out of the millions of products I've linked to would you want for FREE?

It doesn't have to be just baby stuff either.

Also I just signed up for a Bloggers Ornament Exchange. How fun huh?

It reminds me of those recipes ones or those underwear ones. 

Ever seen that? Yup it's weird....


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