Monday, November 23, 2009

Boys Will Be....

Phew! Finally everything is back to normal....well not quite. I get my laptop back on Tuesday and the adapter is still a bit wonky. This leaves me having to jiggle it to keep it charging the battery. 

Tuesday night it's officially dead. I order my free warranty one (gosh I'm so lazy because I should have ordered it 2 weeks ago) then Thursday guess what else dies? My phone charger!

Ugh! What is the deal? 
To my surprise my door bell rings Friday morning and its my favorite Fedex guy (When you shop online a lot you form friendships with the delivery folk) with my adapter! Yay!

Moving right along I have tons of post and things so lets get started....

Boys will be....

Stinky. Sticky. Sweaty. Loud. Boisterous. Energetic.

I absolutely love,love, LOVE my little Monkey Bear. I do. I wish you all could meet him because he is such a delight. He's sweet & and kind, funny, intelligent, silly. Sheer awesomeness in a diaper.

But he's a boy and he's loud and dirty. 

And for me, someone who is nothing close to a tomboy the dirt, dust, and bugs really gets under my fingernails (hahaha get it?)

Just the other day he disappeared as he often does and I call out for him and he comes running into the living room to hand me a stink bug.

I mean girls don't do that do they? They bring you daises and want to play baby dolls. 

Phoenix is happiest climbing on something. He thinks it terribly funny to "lock" us in the bathroom or when I say "Shh" he smiles that little grin and then shrieks!

And don't get me started on the clothes! I dress him very cute. Not like typical baby boy, grown-up, rocker baby.

Because he's such a boy I have to have separate clothes for him. Clothes mommy approves of and he can go in public in and clothes his YaYa can let him repaint her house in (aka Walmart things).

But sometimes no amount of chasing him around with wipes or bibs can eliminate the stains and dirt that seem to find their way to his bottom, shoes, and fingernails.

Take a couple Saturday's ago as an example. Shawn was outside cleaning the car out and Phoenix of course threw a huge fit to go out with him.

When I finally get out there he had M&M chocolate all around his mouth, dirt all over his shoes and pants. He was climbing through the dirt. Throwing my gourds around. It was a mess!

I decided to just embrace the moment and snap, snap, away.



Boys are really much different from girls. 
There's no pink or barbie dolls.

No tea parties and bracelets.

But there is this sweet boy who's fearless. I love that about him. I even love his little tantrums (shh don't tell him that). I love watching him being a boy, digging, climbing, jumping, yelling.

Have I ever mentioned that his favorite discovery is the trash can? And that he knows exactly which trash belongs to his snack or lunch? I mean how GROSS is that?

He'll dig in and come sauntering into the living room, licking and tasting with an expression of "And? Whatcha gonna do about??"

I need to figure out really quickly how to be a mom to a boy. To invest in cheap throw away clothes. Invest in some good tennis shoes (and I never, ever, ever, EVER wear tennis shoes) so I can chase this Mister around.

Boys will be...

Loyal. Loving. Sensitive. Caring. Protective.

Strong. Fearless. Respectful.



  1. This is bringing tears to my eyes, as a mommy of a little boy myself. So sweet!!

    Oh, my adapter is the same... I need a new one.

  2. that is hilarious! I think you are giving too much credit to little girls. My 2 year old sounds like your little man. She eats dirt and as a result, her nails are filthy. She actually sticks her finger in her dirty diaper and continues to smother is all over her hands..that is just NASTY!

  3. Areeba- I think your right because every time I see my seven week old niece she has dirt under fingernails. Her mom and I are always perplexed over this!

    She's just like her cousin!


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