Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 sanity saving tips you need NOW

As moms we often find ourselves frustrated and flustered with overwhelming amounts of To-Do list, classes, meetings, practices, dinners, laundry, and husbands. Can I get a "Amen!" or a " I hear ya girlfriend!" no? How bout a "Yeehaw!" or a "Preach preacher!" ?????

One of my goals in starting this blog (other then selling my movie rights to my blog and life) was to help other women achieve the perfection and sanity I have as a mother and wife

Below are 10 sanity saving tips that will change your life drastically!

1.  Invest in reversible clothing.  1 outfit = Two days. How much easier can it get? .... Well.....

2. Purchase only "lounge wear" clothing. Cute enough to wear out, comfortable enough to sleep in. Kids go to bed already dressed for school. Bonus? Less cranky because they can sleep in.

3. Febreze- Spray your kids as they are walking out to school to help cut down on laundry.

4. Don't allow your kids any extra curricular activities. Period. Nada. None. Unless they can walk to and from.

5. Invest in a signature stamp and allow your kids to sign there own necessary school documents. 

6. Make Christmas shopping easy by giving your kids the same toys they already own that they've "forgotten about" 

7. Keep all kids who don't go to school in diapers and sleepers all day. No need to wash 15 outfits a day and saves time when changing at bed time.

8. Don't allow anything other then a bed and 2 books in the bedrooms. Nothing to clean up.

9. Say no to everything
"Mom can I have a birthday party?" "No!"  
 "Mrs. Smith can you bake 10 dozen cupcakes for the PTA bake sale?" "No"
"Honey, can we have sex? "No" (And this is two fold. No sex means no need to fight kids to go to bed early and duh, if you're not having sex you won't run the risk of producing more time suckers, er, uh, kids.)

10. And if all else fails,produce tons of kids who can do all the work for you a la The Duggars.

Disclosure: Because I know these fantastic sanity saver tips will change the life of ever woman I have decided to link up for a blogging contest from the TwitterMoms community. There is a chance this post could be randomly selected to win a $50 Target GiftCard, so wish me luck (Ha! Like I'm actually going to need it)! For more details, you can view the contest page here (http://icomp.ly/IconApps).


  1. Ha ha you always make me laugh. Love this list!

  2. Hahahahaha LMBO!!! =0) This is so funny! Very good job. =0)

  3. Spot on and a new follower, enjoying the blog

  4. great list! i'll have to remember these when baby making time begins....

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