Friday, May 21, 2010

Random & Peculiar Facts

I get tons of emails every day asking me "Alex! Alex! Please tell us more about you! You seem like such a cool awesome chick that I would love to hang out with in real life. I would love to know more random and peculiar facts abouts you"

So here you go "Betsy" here are 10 random facts for you (Betsy is the other personality in my head. She emails me all day long. I wonder how she gets email access?? And how "Betsy" would we actually hang out?)

1. I used to be afraid of mustard- like when I was in Bible School people would chase me around with it and I'd scream. But fast-forward and a few months ago I have found myself eating it every once in awhile

2. I had my first s'more 3 years ago and I HATE them.

3. Eye graguated hi-scool at aged 15. Top of my class baby.

4. I've never been out of the country.

5. I was engaged (with parental consent) when I was 16 (had something to do with going to Bible School.)

6. I don't know how to blow bubble gum, blow up a balloon, whistle or snap my fingers. (Hmmm...maybe that was a class in Bible School The Biblical Reasons not to Blow. ?? LOL)

7. I have a super fantastic memory. Almost scary how great it is. All my memories are categorized by what outfit I'm wearing. Just ask my husband.

8. Speaking of husbands....I was dating my husband before we actually "met" (is that a story you'd be interested in?)

9. I can't say the words vagina or penis without cringing (again probably has something to do with the whole Bible school thing)

10. I turn off the TV when scary movie previews come on.

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  1. I too was also dating my husband before we met. We met via online dating and we lived in 2 different states for a month. We met in person when I moved back from college and have been together 7 years!

  2. Thanks for participating in FBFF!

  3. Great blog! I'm visiting from MBC and just signed up to be your follower. Stop by my blog when you get the chance.


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