Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I'm a bad mommy

My philosophy on blogging has always been to:

Be yourself. Be transparent.
Be random. Be you....regardless
So in that vain I'd like to be honest and make a post of the top 10 reasons that make me a very bad mommy.

10. I let my son sleep with blankets in his crib starting at about 4 or 5 months, completely ignoring the whole "no blankets! no bumpers! no nothing!" that other moms tend to follow. The good thing is. He's still alive and we've never had any problems....Well there was...

9. The time I went to check on him and his swaddle blanket was    wrapped on his head.....So for a bit I did stop that.

8. I let my son drink juice most of the day and always forget to give him water.

7. I just started remembering to brush his teeth daily.

6. I planned an over-the-top first birthday party, kept him up for hours, gave him an entire cake to himself, and completely "over-stimulated" him.

5. I'll probably let him keep his paci until he's 10. It's just a battle I don't want to fight. 

4. I let him play with pens. Yup. That's right. Writing pens. But only if the cap is on and I watch him like a hawk. Whatever it takes to keep him from screaming.

3. When he was a baby, baby, I would shower while he was on my bed. I did this until he was about 3 or 4 months old. He never went anywhere.

2. I let him watch as much TV as he wants.

1. We cuss around him and because of that yesterday he started saying "Bish, Bish"....any ideas what that word is?! Oy vey!
Phew! That feels so much better since I've gotten it off my chest!

::Putting on my shield and armor for the stones....::

What makes YOU bad a mommy?



  1. Love this post! We are all "bad moms" in some way -yay you for putting it out there! We have been known to use the tv as a babysitter in order to get a few things done around the house. Sometimes you just have to.

    Love your blog and are happily following through MBC!

    Feel free to check us out at

  2. Omgosh, this made me laugh because I've done 9 out of the 10 things you've listed. Samster has been covered in ink, and when she was a newborn (in our bed mind you) I once woke up to her completely under her blanket. Guess I'm a bad mommy too! (;

    And yes, you guessed it right. I still keep an eye on her but you know what, I've learned there's lots of idea stealing in the craft world but I can't stress out about it. Just gotta be true to yourself and think of it as "the biggest form of flattery". At least thats what my mama says.

  3. I'm a bad mom, i completely ignore my children (especially when i"m blogging or on FB) people think my kids are independant, it is only because I'm lazy that they can make their own sandwiches, know how to work the microwave and make scrambled eggs.

  4. Haha you had me rolling!
    I let my kids watch a lot of t.v. too but hey it's educational.

  5. Hi SITSA, you beat me to roll call today! Come and visit my blog - if it doesn't make you feel like the best Mom in the entire Universe, I will lick your boots.

    See you around!


  6. Girl! I wish my list was that mild *sigh*. Cute blog!

    Found you on MBC, love it!

  7. All of the above!!!
    great blog am now following!

  8. If that's all you came up with, you're miles away from being a bad mommy! By the way, I went to see what you did for the first birthday party and it looked like a blast! I may have to steal your idea about stringing up pictures, that was really cute.

  9. As I sit here typing, my 18 month old son is running around the house naked. Yep, that's right. Someone needs to put a diaper on him before it's too late! Found you over and MBC and am following you now!

  10. Love the honestly! We've all done some of these things (and others!). Fun post. I'm visiting from SITS, you're the comment before me.

  11. Thanks girls for all the blog love! I feel so special. You like me! You really like me! LOL.

    Phoenix cussed again today at my mom! Yikes! What am I going to do!?


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