Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cody Simpson Part II

I'd like to interrupt our regular scheduled programing of poop, Christmas shopping and baby signing to point you to Cody Simpson.

I've probably mentioned before that my husband is a record producer. Not like your basement dwelling rapper living with his mom trying to make beats (although his studio happens to be in the basement), but a real live music industry record producer.

A few months ago he found this great kid from Australia named Cody Simpson. Cody and his Dad came to the States in September and worked for two weeks on music. While they were here they got a call that the ABC network in Australia wanted to feature him on The 7.30 Report (which is like our nightly news shows).

The reporters flew out here and met with Shawn and Cody and followed them in NY while they did some recording. The interview just aired last night and I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Cody is a natural born star and you can see it come through on the report and my husband (thankfully) did not embarrass me!

Something inside of me is telling me this kid is going to be huge and is going to help build my dream house. I think I'm probably not wrong because my husband's cell phone for the past two days has literally been blowing up with record labels calling him. They've even scored a meeting with Nickelodeon next month.

Cody's song ONE is also on iTunes and Amazon so go check it out!



  1. Will definitely have to keep my eyes and ears open for Cody. Following from MBC.:)

  2. i lovee him! :)xx

  3. Yes, just watch him now. He's a STAR with almost 2 million followers on twitter! Shawn made a good job by discovering him on youtube. He's now my INSPIRATION(Cody).


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