Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloggerazzi- Kit @ Blogging Dangerously

I have finally decided to stop being lazy and bring back the much requested (by those voices in my head) Bloggerazzi feature of BTBW.

For the grand re-opening (really I'm a nerd) I wanted to bring a true power house. A internet force. "Kit" of Blogging Dangerously. If you're on Twitter you probably know a bit about Ms. Kit here. She gets put in Twitter jail and host weekly #winepartys.

I can't remember how I found her blog but she truely is hysterical. Did you notice the quotations I put around her name? That's because her real name isn't Kit.

"Kit" has created a completely anonymous blog where she writes about everything I would want to but because my mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, Pastor, and other various IRL people read my blog I steer clear of these topics. But that's ok because "Kit" gives much more to these taboo topics then I ever could.

Please, please stop by and check her blog out and follow her on Twitter and you won't be disappointed

And you'll notice by one of the questions that this should have gone up last Saturday. But because of my brain aneurysm it had to wait.

Disclaimer: If you consider yourself very reserved or refer to sex wth your husband as "The Act of Marriage" I would highly suggest you NOT read this interview (She says the "O" word) and certainly wouldn't suggest you read her blog. But if you like crude humor and being shockingly awesome and taboo and totally inappropriate check her out because you'll love it! 

What gave you the idea to start Blogging Dangerously?

I had another blog that I was really enjoying but there were a lot of things I couldn't say because I was afraid that it would get back to people.  I thought that if I had an anonymous blog I could treat it more like a true diary.

If you could only choose one bad baby sitter for your kids for the rest of their childhood what would it be, TV or video games?

Video Games because at least video games require puzzle solving skills, hand-eye coordination and interaction. 

 Since you write a lot about sex its only fitting I ask a sex question right? What is the number one thing you think couples can do so sex doesn't become a chore?

Don't make an appointment for sex.  If you feel like you have to do it you won't want to do it - even if you were in the mood all day.  Of course if you wait until the time is PERFECT you'll never have sex either - so wait until conditions are favorable (not absolutely perfect) and then GO FOR IT!

One random fact about yourself?  

I haven't eaten chocolate since 1989.

 It's 5 PM and after surfing the net all day, Tweeting, and blogging you realize you have to feed your kids. What's your go to meal?

I am totally Obsessive Compulsive so my goto meal is whatever is on the calendar for the day.  Sunday is grilled cheese, Monday is Chicken, Tuesday is pasta, etc...

 What's your favorite thing to do with your husband (besides knocking boots < do the "kids" still say that?)

My husband is a stay at home dad so my favorite thing to do is to listen to him tell stories of what my children did or said that day. 

What does your husband think about your uncensored blog? 

My husband thinks it's funny - just as long as I never 'come out' and reveal who HE is.

The house is empty. Your kids are with friends. Your husband is out of town. What do you do? 

Just the thought of that PARALYZES me with the possibilities.  I would probably orgasm (can I say orgasm on your blog?) and then "try to get something done"; work, blogging, even getting through my magazine pile!

What are you hoping to get for Mothers Day? And please be honest none of those "Aww just more time with my kids" answers.

As the breadwinner and bookkeeper in the family I dont really get excited by large purchases.  This definitely takes the fun out of Christmas, Birthdays and Mother's Day! I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet card.  I love diamonds and would love an anniversary band/mother's ring at some point but not now.

Is Blogging Dangerously your only blog? If not what's the URL to the OTHER blog? You have to tell! I'm dying to know!!!

I'll never tell!

Thank you so much Kit! You are my dangerous twittering blogtastic mentor! 

*If you would like to be featured on Bloggerazzi just shoot me an email*

I'll like you forever, I'll love you for always. As long as I'm writing my reader's you'll be...

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  1. Kit sounds fun! Great interview!

  2. What an awesome idea. Kit it sound amazingly fun,heading to your blog now. What a great interview

  3. I'm trying to move past the Chocolate comment and am having a hard time understanding this. Also, I think the daily food schedule is hilarious. I think we already know how I feel about "Kit." She's the best.


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