Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best of BTBW

As this year comes to an end I am reflecting on the fact that I am entering my second year of motherhood. Terrible two's here we come!

I'm sure everyone is still super busy with final Christmas preparations, but I wanted to take a moment and thank all my readers (old & new). I thoroughly enjoy blogging. This year was my second blogging experience into this world. {As my first was filled with single girl angst and shoe speak I figured I needed a more "appropriate" blog for my new life.}

But I have loved every minute of it and looking forward to being able to blog some more about poop, food, TV shows, and toddlers.

Here are my favorite blog post's of the year 

My Emotions Runneth Over

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Failure to Thrive

Secrets of Motherhood 

Ode to my Baby Daddy

Happy Birthday My Baby 

Memories of the Monkey 

Wasted Breast Milk 

Chicken Basil Stir Fry

Monstrous Mushroom Poop

Top 10 reasons I'm a bad mommy

New Brand of Diaper

Guilty as charged!

The War!

Vertigo Days

Scratching the Baby Itch

10 things...before having a baby

If arguing was a sport

Before I was a mother

Embarrassing Mommy Moment

Boys Will Be

What's in your bag?

A perspectful Thanksgiving 


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